Your Roots are Showing by Elise Chidley


Lizzie wishes her husband hadn’t accidentally gotten that email complaining about him, because now he wants a divorce and she can’t figure out how to win him back.

Your Roots are Showing belongs firmly to the Bridget Jones school of chick lit. Lizzie is pudgy, disheveled, and fashion unconscious. She’s prone to charming outbursts of clumsiness, and despite her lack of self-awareness she still manages to be self-deprecating. And of course she always wins the heart of the hottest guy in the room.

The book is a fast read, with fun characters and situations, but the structure and plotting just aren’t my cup of tea. I get really frustrated with storylines based on misunderstanding and lack of communication. I usually end up wanting to grab the characters by the shoulders and make them stay put until all the unsaid things are said, and Mr. Snuffleupagus finally shows up when everybody else is around. Lizzie spends a lot of her mental energy speculating about what James is thinking, and never bothers to ask him directly. James doesn’t make it easy, because every time Lizzie opens her mouth he tells her not to to talk about it. This technique does keep the story moving, but it’s not one that appeals to me.

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