Words, Words, Words

My new addiction to online Scrabble has me thinking about how much I love words, those pesky little lettered things that roam errant across the page, resisting containment even by the author, each sentence a pregnant cumulonimbus promising disaster, by turns jocular and contentious, the period an upstart proclaiming its unearned dominance.

I love words in books, words in magazines, words in Scrabble and crossword puzzles (sometimes even Saturday), and even words in brochures. In a pinch, any word will do, so long as it’s a word.

I like words best when they tell me a story, so I was not crazy about the really boring book I just finished for work.

Have you guessed my other non-reading hobbies? Here’s a hint–there’s an external link on my page that will point you to a place where you can learn all kinds of things about me. One lucky winner will get a free book of their choice me. Contest ends on Thursday!



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