Wise Man’s Fear (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 2)

Kvothe the Bloodless continues his tale, which encompasses the furtherance of his studies of the arcane at the University, a quest to hunt bandits for the richest man in the land, a detour into Fae, training among a tribe of elite fighters who do most of their talking with their hands, and continued revelations about the demonic Chandrian.

Wise Man’s Fear was over way too soon, despite it’s length–and that’s the sign of a truly great read, in my book. I had a blast returning to Kvothe’s world, where sympathy means magic not counseling, with fierce men and fiercer women, full of poetry and tragedy and blood. I was pleased to see the further development of Kvothe’s relationship with Denna the courtesan, and to see him make the transition from boy to man (if you catch my meaning).

The book is suspenseful and gripping, but of course you know all this if you read The Name of the Wind. Rothfuss is the real deal and I’ve got high hopes for his ability to resolve this story in a more than satisfying way.

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