Winterbirth by Brian Ruckley

I tried really, really hard to finish this book but halfway through it got deemed “life’s too short.” Winterbirth is epic fantasy of the George RR Martin variety–lots of loyalty oaths, warring kinsmen, and creeping winter. But the emphasis is on war, not on character adventure, and I find it hard to get into war stories under the best of circumstances.

I think I am lacking the part of the brain that’s good at battle strategy, so if I’m ever in a siege-type situation, I think it’s best that I head straight for the kitchen and keep everybody fed. Or I’ll find a cellar to hide in, preferably with a book to keep the megrims away.

5 thoughts on “Winterbirth by Brian Ruckley”

  1. I did think it was a cool title, but it’d be cooler if it wasn’t so consciously evoking George RR Martin–the seat of the main family in A Song of Ice and Fire is Winterfell–

  2. have read this one, and the followon, bloodheir, and find the series to be rather engrossing, if a bit epic. It is not a book dedicated to a singular character, but it does do well with the overall character development of several characters…providing you can push through all the background story surrounding the various clans and whatnot…..

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