Winners–Wherever Nina Lies

Sheila, Sandy Jay, and Julie, use the contact form below to send me your mailing addresses because you have all won copies of Wherever Nina Lies!

Be sure to indicate the name of the book you’ve won in your comment.



2 thoughts on “Winners–Wherever Nina Lies”

  1. Hey Superfast,
    I never made the connection between yourself, and the name of the web-site… and for this I apologise. (And I’ve been an active participant for months). This site is great because I have gotten to correspond with allot of foriegn writers and researchers who want to know about America’s Old-West.
    T. Ray Dickerson

  2. I, am more than willing to present, Coping With In-Laws And Outlaws-ISBN No. 1-4241-1171-4 to be reviewed by writers/researchers whom love the in-sane years of, 1881 to 1914.
    This author believes, ‘that it seems if one wanted to avoid the asylums then God forbid you get migraines, anxiety, or depression of any sorts. Otherwise it was much more profitable to ride the trails and participate in seasonal roundups out west. T. Ray Dickerson

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