Wings of Wrath by CS Friedman (The Magister Trilogy)

With the return of the monstrous Souleaters, the inheritors of a lineage of Protectors must go to war.

I was only “eh” on Feast of Souls, book 1 in CS Friedman’s Magister Trilogy. Wings of Wrath, book 2, left me kind of cold as well. I really had to motivate to finish it, and I’m not sure if I’ll care to pick up book 3 when it comes out.

I just did not connect emotionally with any of these characters. Everyone is so dark and depressed, and most of them are prone to raising one eyebrow while muttering something dryly or wryly. It got a little old. I like that Friedman is trying to explore the morality of magic, but sometimes I think she mistakes grimness for depth. I also felt that she glossed over some key plot points, leaving me a bit confused about the political machinations involved.

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