Win a Bag of Books

The Long and the Short of it is running a contest to promote their new review site! The prize is a bag of books and bath products. Sounds like heaven to me.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Bookworms Carnival and commented on the post. There’s nothing like reading about reading, right? Head over to hidden side of a leaf for info on the next carnival. The theme is classics. Guess I’ll be queuing up either Moll Flanders or Sentimental Education by September 14th…

Last night I read a 644 page manuscript that was actually 642 pages, because pages 642 and 643 were missing. It was a mystery, so you can imagine how potentially catastrophic this could be. Fortunately, the last 20 pages or so were setting up a sequel so I don’t think I was missing any key information.

5 thoughts on “Win a Bag of Books”

  1. Meant to comment on that post, but kept forgetting it due to the multitude of superb links in there 😀

    So here goes, great idea, great posts… Think I will be a part of next one.

  2. Hi! I thought I had that title, but it’s nice to see others read fast too. Reading is my passion! As well as writing…LOL.

    Nice site!

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