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Taking a cue from Ian at Upper Fort Stewart, I thought I’d write a post rounding up the best of Reading is my Superpower, and describe some of the features on the site that you may not have noticed.

I post every time I finish reading a book. I don’t post between books, so every post on Reading is my Superpower means I’ve read a book in its entirety. You can find my archive by clicking All the Books So Far in the sidebar.

Each posts has a selection of tags that will lead you to similar posts. You’ll find the comments section at the bottom of individual posts, and can always access it by clicking the comments counter at the top of the post.

You can also subscribe to a feed for an individual post, so when you make a comment you can follow the conversation in your favorite feed reader. For more about feeds, check out this article from CNET. I use Google Reader, myself, and think it’s as easy to learn as email. Reading is my Superpower’s feed is here.


1) The post you’re reading is an On Reading post. I have a freelance gig where I evaluate books for a studio. Professional ethics dictate that I not blog about these books, many of which are not published yet. Whenever I finish one of these books, I’ll post a rumination of some kind about my love of reading and books. Last night’s work read bored me to tears–it was backstory in search of a plot. Here is a sampling of more posts like this:

Contemplating Structure, Time and the First Person
How to Turn a Book Into a Movie
Why I Like Fantasy and Science Fiction
How to Skim–and Why

2) Straight up reviews of books I’ve read. These tend to be reflections, though sometimes I will bust out with some critical analysis. My favorite books I’ve read since I started blogging have been:

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
The Kristin Lavransdatter Trilogy by Sigrid Undset
A Dark-Adapted Eye by Barbara Vine
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

You can also find these books by clicking the *LOVE!! Category in the sidebar or tag at the bottom of each post.

3) Lately I’ve been getting my hands on Advanced Reader Copies. Again, ethical considerations don’t allow me to comfortably blog reviews of these books before they come out. If I enjoy a book I read in ARC, I’ll write a short blog post promoting its merits and letting you know when it comes out. If I don’t like an ARC, I’ll write a full review and schedule it to run the day the book comes out.


Everything on Reading is my Superpower is designed for readers like me, starting with the Amazon search box that takes you right to Amazon.com. If you search for a book, or click any of the Amazon links in the posts, and end up buying something from Amazon.com, I get a little tiny percentage. It’s an easy way to show your love for Reading is my Superpower. (I always forget to support myself when I buy stuff from Amazon. A sign of low self-esteem?)

Right below the search box you’ll see a list called Annie’s Shared Links. These are items from other blogs that touch upon subjects that are near and dear to this blog’s mission–posts about reading, books, and writing (including screenwriting). You can view the whole list here, and subscribe to a feed of my shared posts here.

The Random Books from my Library is a fun toy powered by Librarything. It’ll offer a new sampling of books each time you visit the site, and some of the combinations are truly bizarre!

Thanks for reading. I am always open to feedback from my readers, so please drop me a line at superfastreader -at- gmail -dot- com, or leave a comment by clicking on the comments link at the top of the post.

Annie the Superfast Reader

4 thoughts on “What It’s All About”

  1. Please read, “The Invisible Life of Harry Gold.” I think it would make for a great and important movie. It’s a true story about an unnasuming little man from Philadelphia who became a spy for the Soviets and gave away the most important U.S. secrets..then when caught, did a complete 180 and brought down the KGB.

  2. Unfortunately, Amazon Assoc TOS doesn’t let you “support yourself.” But, as a fellow book blogger who uses amazon search and links, I’ll remember now that you have it on your site and use it 😉

  3. My book The Gauss Factor attracted a lot of interest for a potential film version shortly after publication in the late nineties. I remain convinced that the acclaimed eco-thriller remains as valid to this day and still contains all the necessary ingredients for an exciting, spectacular and thought provoking movie. Indeed events in the short passage of time since publication have reinforced the tight yet still novel storyline.

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