We Have a Winner!

In honor of Buy a Friend a Book week, I ran a contest to see if anyone could guess my other hobbies besides reading. I had millions of entries, but only one lucky winner.

I do not:

  • snort crystal meth
  • make soap
  • swim in the Hudson river
  • teach the deaf to sing
  • collect used bubble gum
  • make model sailing ships out of toothpicks
  • Someone guessed online scrabble, but I picked up that hobby after the contest began, so that’s wrong, too.

    If you browse through my Librarything catalog, you’ll find a tag marked hobbies that will reveal many things I like to do, including cooking and running, which no one guessed.

    Reader Beth guessed:

    knitting! bitching! praying! do I win?

    Reader Beth is very competitive.

    Praying, well, I don’t consider that a hobby so much as something I don’t do nearly enough of.

    Bitching, also not a hobby, more like a besetting sin (see “praying”)

    But knitting! Oh, knitting! Merino, alpaca, intarsia, entrelac; baby booties, hats, scarves, pillows–I am obsessed! And addicted. So, my dear Beth, you are the lucky winner of a book of your choice up to $15!

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