Wayfarer by RJ Anderson

A rogue fairy escapes her magical world and teams up with a regular boy in order to save Faery and the human world from a devastating threat.

Wayfarer might be a fairy story, but it’s mostly set in the normal world and works very hard to keep things grounded and as realistic as possible. I have to admit that I was more engaged by the relationship between Linden and Timothy than anything else that was going on.

Wayfarer is the sequel to Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter, but does stand alone.

Author RJ Anderson blogs over at LiveJournal, and she’s got links to giveaways, events, and other exciting stuff related to the series.

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Many thanks to Harper Teen for the review copy.

7 thoughts on “Wayfarer by RJ Anderson”

  1. I agree that Linden and Timothy’s relationship drove the story. I enjoyed seeing how they became more and more committed to each other.

    I’ll admit I also loved the high “save the world” stakes, especially as it related to the Oakenwyld. But maybe that’s because I’d also read Faery Rebel: Spell Hunter. In that book I came to love the poor magic-less faeries and I didn’t what them destroyed.

    Above that, though, was the personal journey the characters took—their “coming of age,” especially Timothy’s.

  2. I agree! I think Anderson is really strong in the characterization department. So I really cared about Linden and Timothy and their relationship to one another and their reactions to the dilemma they found themselves in.

  3. I wish I could’ve posted something more substantial, but my 2nd baby arrived 12 days early on the day of this tour so I wasn’t able to add to what I had already written.

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