Vow: A Memoir of Marriage and Infidelity by Wendy Plump

A journalist details the multiple affairs that ended her marriage.

The story told in Vow is a train wreck. Wendy Plump and her husband pretty much destroyed their marriage with infidelity on both sides, ending finally when her husband had a baby with another woman. For all her candor, I never felt like Plump got to the heart of why she did what she did, or responded the way she did, or how she feels about the endeavor of marriage in general. I understand that you can’t boil someone’s life choices down to a set of pat answers, but at a certain point I just felt trapped inside a vortex of emotion and desire and need and couldn’t find a way to escape. That said, I appreciated her honesty and willingness to tell the truth even when it made her look bad.

Many thanks to Bloomsbury USA for the review copy.

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