Unprotected by Anonymous, MD

A survey of the state of affairs in campus counseling, presenting the argument that sexual activity is being left out of the equation with disastrous results.

The full title, Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in her Profession Endangers Every Student, offers a very good sense of the writer’s agenda, and she provides a great deal of evidence to support her claims. The term “political correctness” seems designed to tip off the right that she’s “one of us,” but really it’s the politicization of sexuality on both sides of the aisle that leads to the sorts of scenarios that are causing her and her patients so much angst and pain.

To give one example, she cites a student who came to her describing his involvement in sexual behaviors that would put him at high-risk for HIV. However, she is unable to do anything more than advise him to get tested “when he’s ready,” even though his behavior is endanger himself, his primary partner, and the numerous other partners he’s involved with. If she suspected he had tuberculosis, on the other hand, she would be required by law to report him and he would be required by law to be treated–by force, if necessary. Obviously, images of mass roundups and imprisonment of homosexuals come to mind, and this is why sexual activity is protected under privacy laws. But this student is a danger to himself and to others. What to do? Because of the current discourse surrounding sex, there’s no way to adequately deal with him.

The author’s strongest point is that women need to be better educated about how their bodies work, to understand why they are more susceptible to long-term damage from casual sexual behavior. This is not fair, of course, but it’s biology. The medical profession in general wants to keep women ignorant of the workings of their bodies, even though (or because) such knowledge is tremendously powerful and liberating. This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about women’s health.

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  1. this book is a grat examle of the manny secrets one person can hold, and how few of them act in a right way with them.

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