Trailer for “The Mist”

Because what a reading blog needs is More Video, right? But I’m really, really excited for this stupid movie for all kinds of reasons, and Sheila blogged about it the other day.

Plus I just finished a really boring work read, and the best cure for boredom is You Tube. At least that’s what I learned in corporate America.

Looks like a pretty straightforward adaptation of one of King’s scariest stories. I have a personal pet peeve with the stereotype of Crazy Bible Lady, but I’m willing to let it slide, for once.

The tragedy in all this is that unless my baby passes his/her due date, I’ll miss out on seeing this in the theater. I’m due November 18th. The Mist opens on November 21st, day before Thanksgiving. Like most pregnant women, I’m hoping to go early, but this might make me start crossing my fingers for later…

2 thoughts on “Trailer for “The Mist””

  1. I’ll have to watch the video once the cats are not sleeping peacefully against my hip (I’m a pushover). Good luck on getting to see the movie around Baby!

    And thank you for the blogroll link to the Epiphanies!

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