This is the Feast – Day 3

On the last day of the blog tour for This is the Feast, I want to encourage you to check out author Diana Z. Shore’s official website.

She is a very busy author who does lots of book signings, conferences, and other speaking engagements. Her Author-on-the-Go program looks innovative and fun.

This is the Feast is a retelling of the Thanksgiving story. I can’t help but reflect on last year’s Thanksgiving, when Superfast Toddler was only 7 days old! Superfast Husband cooked a complete meal while I breastfed my voracious baby, except for the gravy, which is my specialty. I made the gravy very carefully because I was wearing my daughter in the sling at the time. Most delicious Thanksgiving ever. My parents came up the next day to meet their granddaughter for the first time.

This year, we will have a quiet holiday at home. Superfast Husband only has Thursday and Friday off–back to work on Saturday for six days straight–so I’ll be keeping things simple. I have also gone dairy-free so I’m looking for a pumpkin pie recipe that doesn’t use condensed milk, and trying to master vegan mashed potatoes. Homemade gravy is out of the question because I don’t know how to make a good roux without butter.

But this brings me back to This is the Feast, which celebrates giving thanks in the midst of hardship and deprivation. Doing without cow’s milk hardly compares to what the Pilgrims dealt with in the New World, but I find myself able to complain about it like I’ve been asked to go without heat in the winter. I have so much to be thankful for that it’s silly to waste a moment of time missing butter and cream.

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6 thoughts on “This is the Feast – Day 3”

  1. Superfast Reader, I’ve been loving the posts.

    I love your names for hubby and toddler.

    Speaking of names the author of “This is the Feast” is Diane Z. Shore. heh heh You could solve the problem by just calling her Superfast Writer. =)

  2. Use a good trans-fat free margarine for your roux. Not quite as good as butter and it won’t brown as nicely, but still respectable.

  3. Is butter roux that much better than using drippings from the bird? I’ve always just used whatever fat I had on hand.

    I suppose if I’d ever made gravy with butter I wouldn’t ask such silly questions. 😉

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