The Year the Swallows Came Early–Blog Tour Wrap Up

It’s been so much fun being a part of the blog tour for Kathryn Fitzmaurice’s The Year the Swallows Came Early. All the other participants have written great stuff so I thought I’d highlight some of my favorites.

Noel at Neverjamtoday names some books that reminded her of Swallows–great recommendations if you liked it as much as she did.

Marie at Fireside Musings has an interview in a few parts with author Kathryn Fitzmaurice. I wish I’d had time to talk to her, because I always love hearing writers talk about their books.

Rebecca, writing at A Christian Worldview of Fiction, does a close reading of the opening of the book to show how a good writer conveys a lot about a character with just a few words. Paraklesis does the same thing, showing how rich Fitzmaurice’s prose is.

Lastly, April at Cafe of Dreams does her own “foodology,” inspired by the book:

For today’s tour stop, I thought it would be fun to focus a bit on Groovy’s love of food. Within the story, Groovy puts together a list of food connections, which she cleverly deems “Foodology”

“Half the word coming from food, of course, and half coming from astrology. I decided that if you could look it up in the dictionary, it would say: (noun) the study of food; the way certain foods remind people of things.”

I’m totally stealing this, so here’s my foodology:

beef stew = my father taking a day off and cooking us dinner

fig newmans & sleepytime tea = my husband winding down for the evening

french toast & bacon = meeting my daughter

sugar on pie crust baking in the toaster = waiting for my mother’s pumpkin pies to be ready to eat

chocolate chip cookies = late nights giggling at crappy TV with my brother

sour patch kids = my summers as a camp counselor

Here’s a list of all the participants:

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Becky’s Book Reviews
Booking Mama
Cafe of Dreams
Dolce Bellezza
Fireside Musings
Homeschool Buzz
Looking Glass Reviews
Maw Books Blog
Never Jam Today
Novel Teen
Reading is My Superpower

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  1. Mmm, “sugar on pie crust baking in the toaster.” Excellent. All these bloggers talking about food, and I’ve had strep throat this week. I am ready for some real food! 🙂

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