The Water’s Lovely by Ruth Rendell

Convinced her sister murdered their stepfather, a young woman unravels when her relationship ends while her sister’s flourishes, and she wonders whether she should finally tell.

The Water’s Lovely is one of Ruth Rendell’s quieter books, with a fineness to it despite the emotional (and sometimes physical) violence that lurks in most of the relationships. While most of the characters have deep emotional flaws, some of them are appealingly good, even brave and admirable, and that’s what kept me really engaged in this book. It would be a good introduction to Ruth Rendell, one of Britain’s finest living writers.

3 thoughts on “The Water’s Lovely by Ruth Rendell”

  1. I’d long wanted to “get around” to reading Rendell, so when I won a copy of this book over the summer, I was disappointed that I didn’t enjoy it more. I think I expected it to be psychologically “deeper,” and though the plot was intriguing and well-paced, I found the characters just not quite fully believable. But I think I’d try her again, so if you have a favorite to recommend, let me know!

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