The Unseen by Alexandra Sokoloff

Reeling from a betrayal by her fiance, a psychologist finds herself fascinated by Duke University’s research into the paranormal from the early 20th century, and decides to replicate one such experiment that ended in tragedy and closed down the department for good.

I’m so glad Superfast Toddler took a loooooong nap today because I don’t think I could’ve taken another night trying to read The Unseen in a dark bedroom with only a tiny booklight. I finished in the bright June sunshine and I’m still creeped out.

Duke University really did have a department dedicated to investigating the paranormal, though the Folger Experiment of Sokoloff’s book is fictional. Laurel, the main character, starts delving into the recently released files from the experiments, and when she draws a connection between the the closing of the department, the death of its head, and her Duke alumna uncle’s catatonia, she devises an experiment that will take place in a so-called haunted house.

Sokoloff is unquestionably influenced by Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, though her story is a true original. I was thoroughly sucked in by her storytelling and characterizations. I love a good ghost story, and The Unseen is top notch.

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  1. I just reading Haunting of Hill House, and I was wanting another book like it. This may be me making up for all the scary books I didn’t read as an easily frightened kid.

    Does she go to the haunted house all alone?

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