The Twelve Days to Christmas by Michele Gorman

Hannah thinks her boyfriend is about to pop the question at Christmas–but she doesn’t know what her answer will be, and she only has twelve days to figure it out.


Hannah, the protagonist of Michele Gorman’s Misfortune Cookie, is back and just as adorably befuddled as ever. Back together with Sam, who is finally residing in Hong Kong, she has a feeling he’s getting ready to propose, which brings up all of the fears and anxieties she never quite dealt with during their time apart.

The Twelve Days to Christmas is a cute novella that doesn’t quite stand alone, but if you like chick lit you’ll enjoy getting to know Hannah’s Hong Kong in the previous books in the series. There’s humor, romance, and a well-earned climax that definitely satisfies.

My husband and I got married on December 13th (2003, I can hardly believe it’s been 9 years!) so the holidays have an extra air of romance for me. We spent our first Christmas together in an outdoor restaurant in Sevilla, Spain, sipping a nice Rioja in 60 degree weather. All the following Christmases have been great because I get to spend them with him. Anyone else have any romantic associations with Christmas?

Many thanks to Fitzrovia Press for the review copy.

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