The Trouble with the Magical Talisman

Why is it that so many kids’ fantasy adventure books can be boiled down to:

“Children find a magical talisman that transports them to a wondrous world where they must fulfill their destiny or be trapped for ever.”

I swear I’ve read this book about a zillion times for work, and today was no exception. Some, like today, are better written than others but it makes me wonder if we’ve run out of stories with which to delight and dazzle children. Is it just me, or have children’s books become simply products?

8 thoughts on “The Trouble with the Magical Talisman”

  1. I agree…

    The second theme similar to this is “A magical being and/or a sorcerer introduces/pulls the child into magical world” and the same story… Right?

  2. I’ve noticed that too! I guess people write what they know will sell? It must be something that speaks to the powerlessness of childhood. But you’re right, there are other ways to address that, and so many other things important to kids.

  3. And, of course, when someone writes a book where the kids are transported to another dimension and must not fulfill their destiny it’s “groundbreaking” and “revolutionary”.

  4. Whoops, sorry, I’m just hypothesizing. Sounds like an opening in the story-world. Maybe there’s a first screenplay for me in there!;)

  5. >>have childrenโ€™s books become simply products?

    uh… yes. (overpowering urge to write “DUHHH!”) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Especially since JK Rowling became wealthier than the Queen.

    Am I getting old and cynical? Maybe.

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