The Tales of Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling

A collection of traditional wizarding fairy tales translated by Hermione Granger and annotated by Albus Dumbledore–with an introduction by JK Rowling.

Why couldn’t Beedle the Bard be twice as long? I loved these stories, which read just like “real” fairy tales, but with a spin that marks them as belonging to the world of Harry Potter and friends. What could be a clever gimmick works because the stories themselves work even if you know nothing of Harry Potter. They’re classic in their execution despite their revisionist elements, reminding me of The Practical Princess, a favorite of mine from childhood.

Each story comes with a fusty commentary from Albus Dumbledore. Usually I don’t care for these kids of postmodern tropes, but here it worked because the commentary added a layer of resonance to the Harry Potter story. There was humor and insight–and it was great to hear from Dumbledore again!

Thanks to Superfast Brother for getting this for me for Christmas!

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