The Sweet Dead Life by Joy Preble

After a car accident, Jenna’s stoner older brother starts acting really weird, like all perfect and helpful and otherworldly–and then announces that someone is trying to poison her.

The plot mechanism behind The Sweet Dead Life was a little clunky in parts, but the voice that Joy Preble came up with for Jenna absolutely won me over. I also loved that the story was set in Houston, not just because my mother-in-law lives there but more because it gave the book a great sense of place that tends to be an afterthought in a lot of YA novels. The book is funny, sweet, edgy, suspenseful, and ultimately satisfying–though a huge part of me wished the door had been cracked a bit wider for a sequel. I loved the relationship between Jenna and Casey and would totally keep hanging with them.

Many thanks to Soho Teen for the review copy.

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