The Scandinavian Cookbook

I don’t ordinary review cookbooks on my blog, though I am a pretty darn good cook. I love reading about food and trying new recipes, so when The Scandinavian Cookbook came up on Librarything‘s Early Reviewer program, I was hoping I’d score a copy. So glad that I did! This is a gorgeous cookbook with recipes that I’m dying to get cracking on.

The format of the cookbook takes you through a Scandinavian year, placing the emphasis on traditional dishes and seasonal cooking. The recipes are heavy on the seafood, with a few different kinds of fish cakes and a gorgeous looking gravlax. Each month features breakfast, a few savory dishes, an entree, and some luscious desserts. Accompanying the pictures are short paragraphs on culture in various parts of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and beautiful full-page pictures from all over the region. I’m so ready to move there–I’ve never been but I could get lost in these pictures.

2 thoughts on “The Scandinavian Cookbook”

  1. Being in Dane in London – and as a kid often dragged on holiday in Sweden and Norway by my parents – this gorgeus book always make me feel a little closer to home… The pictures don’t lie and if you love this little taste of nordic food, you won’t be disappointed with the rest Scandinavia has to offer!

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