The Price of Silence by Camilla Trinchieri

After she befriends secretive An-Ling, a menopausal wife and mother’s family collapses under the weight of a lifetime of lies that may have lead to An-Ling’s murder.

I couldn’t help but think of the excellent Notes on a Scandal while reading this gripping tale of grief, obsession, and longing. The Price of Silence is a smart character study grounded in a courtroom drama that doesn’t allow for quick conclusions or easy answers. Where Trinchieri succeeds is in creating a divisive central character–An-Ling–and allowing us to fully experience each character’s relationship with her. An-Ling may be a cipher, but it works because it’s a conscious choice on Trinchieri’s part, rather than a case of underdevelopment. Even when the characters are in conflict over An-Ling, it’s impossible to take one side over the other. It’s a fantastic narrative accomplishment.

I read the Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book, and it says on the back that it’s not coming out until June. But it seems to be available on Amazon already, so I’m not going to hold the review. I don’t mind ARCs but this one had an error that almost had me writing an email.

The moon passes through phases on a 28 day cycle.
I was not fazed by her scandalous announcement because I had been expecting it.

Hopefully it will get fixed. But a great read nonetheless.

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