The Ordinary Princess by MM Kaye

A princess is gifted by her fairy godmother to be ordinary—and who ever heard of a princess with mouse brown hair and freckles?

The Ordinary Princess is charming, delightful fairy tale that I’ve read over and over since I was a girl. A great read for girls who aren’t so deadened by Bratz that they can’t enjoy a good princess story with a romantically happy ending.

2 thoughts on “The Ordinary Princess by MM Kaye”

  1. Just stumbled across your site … fantastic!

    When I was a kid, whenever I was out sick, my mom would bring home books for me to read from the library. I have many fond memories of tame murder mysteries in wild, far-off places … much better than memories of miserable pneumonia.

    I thought I had read everything that M.M. Kaye had written by the age of 14 … and here’s one I missed, 15 years later! Thanks for posting.

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