The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh

A shy 14-year-old Latin scholar finds a passage into Manhattan’s underworld, where, guided by an unhappy ghost named Euri, he hopes to find out how his mother died once and for all.

Greek mythology concerning the after life deftly mixes with New York City’s colorful history in The Night Tourist, a marvelous adventure tale that’s as fresh as they come.

Suitable for young readers emotionally mature enough to handle themes of death and grief, The Night Tourist is rich enough to satisfy teen readers and adults with all of its allusions to classical literature and historical New York Personages.

Consider this a solid rave for a book that comes out on September 18th.

3 thoughts on “The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh”

  1. I admired the way Ms.Katherine used her format of mythology quite well i enjoy “The Night Tourist”, it has a lot of suspense to it i doesn’t just flat out give you the answer it keeps you pondering about what it would be like, “Oooo , what’s next? It is a very educational book for children well of a certain age perhaps. It gives chldren a new sense of vocabulary instead of these foul words these children use today. :):):) I would very well use this book in schools. It’s great i love it!!

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