The Lottery by Patricia Wood

When mentally challenged Perry wins the lottery, he’s got to learn who to trust–without the help of his recently deceased Gram, who always helped him find the right way in life.

On sale August 2nd, The Lottery by Patricia Wood is a lovely gem of a book, a sweet character study with real heft in the plot. I absolutely fell in love with all these characters, thanks to Wood’s sure hand and an abundance of understatedly comic passages that had me bugging my husband away from the Mets game to make him listen.

That’s all I can say for now (can’t ethically review ARCs in depth)–just an advance rave to tip you off to a great book coming out in just a few weeks.

4 thoughts on “The Lottery by Patricia Wood”

  1. Much aloha to you for the kind words about LOTTERY (no “The”).
    It is so refreshing to read reviews that are not mean spirited.
    Thank you!
    In response to the commenter re: curious incident – it is similar only that the POV is that of a man (not a child like Christopher Boone) who is mentally challenged but not a savant autistic.

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