The Long Walk by Stephen King (Richard Bachman)

100 young men begin a walk that will not end until there is only one survivor, who will win everything he wants for the rest of his life.

I’ve read The Long Walk a bunch of times. It’s one of the best of the books Stephen King wrote under the name of Richard Bachman, a short, tight novella that contains a universe of human drama. The other one worth reading is, of course The Running Man, made into that great rainy Saturday movie with Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

The Long Walk has a narrative elegance that isn’t typical of King’s works, yet he still manages to imbue the story with enough backstory to make the read a rich experience. He employs some stream-of-consciousness in order to put us inside Garraty’s head and give us a sense of what he’s walking for, but without resorting to the ornate embroidery that characterized the King books of the same period, such as It.

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