The Living God by Dave Duncan

The epic battle for control of Pandemia converges on Thume, a peaceful enclave that’s hidden from sight for two millenia.

I’m sort of relieved to be finished The Living God, thus concluding the four-part series by Dave Duncan called A Handful of Men. I loved every minute of this series, which is a sequel to a previous series known as A Man of His Word, but it’s just awfully hard blogging about epic fantasy when it’s this perfect.

Everything Duncan has created comes together beautifully in a climax that’s as inventive as it is suspenseful. The investment in these characters absolutely paid off. If you like epic fantasy, read this series.

I’ll be shifting gears back to contemporary literature and classics. Coming up next: another Flaubert, Joyce Carol Oates, Edward St. Aubyn, and more of Robertson Davies’s Deptford.

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