The Island by Elin Hilderbrand

In the wake of tragedy, a middle-aged divorcée, her sister, and her two grown daughters retreat to the family home on remote, rustic Tuckernuck Island off the coast of Nantucket, where buried secrets and repressed longings burst to the surface.

The Island is a book about loss, grief, and longing, with 3 of the main characters haunted by the untimely death of a lover. The main character, Birdie, has survived a divorce after decades of marriage, and has just embarked on her first love affair since the split. Her daughter Chess has just lost her fiancé in a rock climbing accident, after calling off the engagement, and her other daughter Tate has pined for their caretaker since she was 17. Birdie’s sister, India, lost her own husband to suicide and is now faced with a most unorthodox choice. And caretaker Barrett has secrets of his own.

I enjoyed this book even though I felt like the plot elements were all a bit too symmetrical to be believed. I loved the evocation of life on Tuckernuck in its rural simplicity. I got a little tired of all the wealth but in the end it did work for me. It’s a nice relaxing read, perfect for relaxing on the couch nursing Superfast Newborn.

Many thanks to Reagan Arthur Books for the review copy.

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