The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

As she dies, a former lady’s maid reflects on the scandal that ended the family she served and reveals the truth that only she knew.

Kate Morton is rapidly becoming my latest favorite author. With her thrilling blend of Gothic melodrama and intricate plotting, she hits all my favorite buttons, much like her self-proclaimed influences Daphne DuMaurier and Barbara Vine.

In The House at Riverton, Morton presents Grace, a lady’s maid who spent her youth in service with a titled family haunted by tragedy and tainted by scandal. Now a dying old woman, Grace has been approached by Ursula, a filmmaker who is recreating the events that ruined the family. Grace is the only living survivor, and while she tells Ursula she was only incidentally connected to the events, the tapes she is making for her missing grandson reveal that she was privy to every interconnected secret.

I loved this so much I’m hurrying off to buy the next one, even though it’s way overpriced in the Kindle format. I don’t care!

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