The Great Bazaar and Other Stories by Peter V. Brett

A selection of deleted scenes from Peter V. Brett’s debut fantasy novel The Warded Man.

The Great Bazaar and Other Stories is a fun little read for fans of the world and characters created by Peter V. Brett in The Warded Man and its upcoming sequel The Desert Spear (which is so so so so so good, by the way–watch for my review and an interview with Peter in April!)

I enjoyed reading a few more stories about characters I have come to really love, particularly the healer Leesha, who delivers some unorthodox marriage advice to a troubled couple in one of the stories. I also loved Brett’s original opening chapter, showing Arlen as a young boy. The opening novelette, “The Great Bazaar,” serves as a nice teaser for The Desert Spear–you’ll definitely get excited for the book when reading it.

Many thanks to Subterranean for the review copy.

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