The Gospel-Driven Life by Michael Horton

An in-depth explanation of the Christian gospel, intended to teach believers what they believe and why the believe it.

The Gospel-Driven Life is a companion piece to Michael Horton’s paradigm-shifting Christless Christianity. Where the latter offers a critique of the sorry state of nominally Christian churches, The Gospel-Driven Life gives believers the meat and potatoes of real, saving faith in Christ.

I deeply heart Michael Horton. I am an obsessive listener of his podcast, The White Horse Inn, and just subscribed to his magazine, Modern Reformation. He and his colleagues are doing good work teaching Christians that the good news is not “Jesus lives in my heart and makes me a better person,” but that God intervened in history to provide a way of salvation through the life and death of Christ. I would go into more detail but fear I would end up just typing out the whole book for you. I dogeared so many great passages! I’ll be coming back to this book many times in my life.

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