The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Hazel and Augustus have terminal cancer–but that won’t stop them from falling in love.

I just can’t do justice to The Fault in Our Stars with a simple logline. Hazel and Augustus are simply two of the most original, quirky, lovable, real, charming, intelligent characters I’ve found in YA fiction–and that’s saying a lot, because I read a lot of awesome YA fiction. The competition is fierce for awesomest couple ever, but Hazel and Augustus win hands down. I loved them, I loved their story, I wanted to hang out with them and especially go to Amsterdam with them and watch them conquer the world even while their cancer is eating them from the inside out. These kids are so alive and I just ached for every minute of this book. I’ve never read a book about illness that moved me the way this one did. There’s nothing sentimental or schmaltzy or easy or stupid about this book. It’s truthful and honest and funny and poignant and heartbreaking and everything. Just everything.

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