The Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler

A beautifully written meditation on eating simply and well.

Oh, how I loved The Everlasting Meal! I will be referring to this book for countless years to come. Tamar Adler is a protege of Alice Waters an believes in eating locally and seasonally, a philosophy I very much agree with. She’s also a proponent of using everything, eating meat that has lived well, and that anything, no matter how humble, can make a delicious and nourishing meal. Her chapters touch on simple things like eggs, beans, and broth, and offer a foundation for a way of thinking about food that I found utterly inspiring. I can’t wait to hit the farmer’s market this week and select a bountiful assortment of vegetables to roast and nosh on all week, ideally topped with eggs and good Parmesan.

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