The Dragon of Trelian by Michelle Knudsen

A mage-in-training and a princess psychically linked to a dragon must work together to save the royal family from an evil sorceress.

The Dragon of Trelian has a lot of familiar elements, but fortunately it manages to feel fresh. Princess Meglynne is feisty and hot-tempered and imperial, but she’s not just tempestuous. She’s got a core of true courage that’s really appealing. Apprentice mage Calen struggles with feelings of inadequacy, but he’s also prone to an arrogance that tempers his naivete.

The dragon of the title isn’t weighted down by the baggage of medieval cosmology. He’s cut from a more modern cloth, a friend to humans much like those populating Naomi Novik‘s wonderful books. He’s not as tame as those dragons, however; he’s a wild beast who has joined souls with Princess Meglynne without her knowing it was happening. I’m really excited to see where Knudsen will take this storyline in future books. All in all, The Dragon of Trelian is a fun start to a great adventure for younger YA readers.

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