The Daring Book For Girls

A compendium of activities and fun facts for girls.

Jumprope rhymes, hand-clapping games, the rules of 4-square, and facts about famous female explorers are just a selection from the wonderfully random assortment of Things Girls Should Know. The Daring Book For Girls is a fun piece of nostalgia that I want to share with all the moms of girls I know.

Reading through the book makes me sad that Superfast Baby has inherited a world so unlike the one I grew up in, one where I can’t let her run wild all summer long. I remember staying outside all day, and coming in for dinner with my eyes so sun-blasted that everything was murky green for a few minutes. Not only do we live in a city, but kids just don’t play that way anymore.

I’m looking forward to teach her how to knot friendship bracelets and knit, and hope that she finds a way in our small apartment and scheduled life to go a little crazy. And I adored the list of classic books for girls at the end–couldn’t find anything to disagree with, and much to love.

4 thoughts on “The Daring Book For Girls”

  1. I also lament the fact that my kids are growing up in a world where they can’t just run wild, like I did! I remember the same feeling, coming inside after a long day playing in the sun. I have The Dangerous Book for Boys for my sons (and it is a treasure trove of old-fashioned but fun information), but maybe I have to pick up the Daring Book for Girls for my daughter, though she won’t need it for a few years yet. Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. From friends? Older sisters? I’m a big advocate of boredom — of letting my girls just have unstructured play time. I really should get them this book; I’m sure they’d love it as a “resource” for their play time.

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