The Comedians by Graham Greene

A hotelier, a nominal candidate for the US presidency, and a conman’s lives converge in Haiti during the height of the reign of Papa Doc Duvalier and his Tontons Macoute.

While I was captivated by Graham Greene’s remarkable prose prowess in The Comedians, I wasn’t as enthralled by the story as I wanted to be. My interest never dipped below the purely intellectual into the realm of emotion. There was something much too male about the story’s tone and construction for my tastes, if that makes sense. I admired the layers on layers of the narrative strands, and the complexities of the characterizations, but my admiration never transformed into love.

2 thoughts on “The Comedians by Graham Greene”

  1. I have had a hard time with Graham Greene’s books in the past for this very reason. Intellectually I appreciate them, but not enough to seek more of them out, because I never connect with them.

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