The Children of Men by PD James

It’s 2020, and no babies have been born since 1995.

I really thought I had read The Children of Men before, but must have just really loved the movie or something. I certainly approved of all the changes made for the screen version, because I was bored silly by this book. Oh well.

6 thoughts on “The Children of Men by PD James”

  1. I, too, found the book pretty slow, but I think the movie lost some of the respect for life, making the Quietus suicide thing seem beautiful. But I might have a flawed memory of it.

  2. that movie was awesome. ‘member that shot in the car and it’s rolling down the driveway and stuff? and it’s dark at the top of the driveway but at the bottom of the driveway, the sun has come up and it’s starting to get light? man, that was killer. was that in the book????

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