The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks (Lightbringer)

In the third Lightbringer book, bastard son turned full spectrum polychrome Kip Guile finds himself fully immersed in politics and war, while ex-slave Teia discovers that her seemingly obscure talent for drafting a color invisible to all but a few might in fact make her a key player in the coming of the apocalypse–or its prevention, and ex-Prism Gavin Guile’s past sins wreak their vengeance on him as he becomes a color-blind galley slave.

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Brent Weeks’ strongest book yet and that’s saying a lot. He could still get his exposition going more quickly, but once the story really kicked in, I was fully enraptured by The Broken Eye. So even though the series is nowhere near completion, I’m pretty sure that the time I’m spending reading this books will payoff with a huge dividend. So while you wait for George to finish up already, please start with Black Prism and say thank you very much for the recommendation.

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