The Book That Made America by Jerry Newcombe

Subtitled: How The Bible Formed Our Nation.

In The Book That Made America, author Jerry Newcombe lays out a compelling case for the influence that the Bible and Christianity had over the writing of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and other key documents in the formation of America. It’s worth reading by anyone with an interest in early American history and current politics.

However, the book suffers a bit by preaching to the choir. Using Ann Coulter as one of your experts is not likely to endear you to those who are predisposed to criticize the thesis of your book. This subject matter deserves a prominent place in the public sphere, but I fear that Jerry Newcombe will be written off as just another inhabitant of the rightwing echo chamber. If the title of the book makes your eyes roll, see if you can open your mind and engage with the arguments he has presented while ignoring some of the rhetoric. The substance here is solid.

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