The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

One of my favorite books growing up is now one of my 7 year old’s obsessions. We just finished reading The Book of Three out loud, and have already begun book two, The Black Cauldron. Reading the books aloud has me appreciating Lloyd Alexander’s gift for dialogue. The characters are so much fun to voice, especially Gurgi and Eilonwy. His prose is simple and elegant and never descends into trite cliché or tired imagery. I’m teaching the book with our 4th/5th graders in our homeschool coop, and I can’t wait to see them this week to find out if they’re enjoying the books, too.

2 thoughts on “The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander”

  1. One of my all-time favorites, too. Such a wonderful series I’m always sad when i come to the end of it.

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