The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks (Lightbringer, Book 2)

The Color War is ON–but Gavin Guile, the only man who can fight back the darkness is losing his powers and facing demons from his past.

The Blinding Knife is the second book in Brent Weeks’s stunningly awesome Lightbringer trilogy, which he began in The Black Prism. So far both books have gotten off to a slow start, but once they kick in they are just relentlessly awesome. I feel like Weeks could benefit from a more conscientious editor but his world-building, plotting, character development, and prose style are top notch. The story ends with a helluva cliffhanger and was a fantastic ride to get there.

This is a great series and definitely tiding me over while waiting on You Know Who to tell me if R+L=J.

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