The Accidental Bestseller by Wendy Wax

When novelist Kendall Ames is dropped by her publisher and her husband, she faces a case of writer’s block so severe that her best friends–also novelists–decide to help her writer her next novel and let her take all the credit.

I’m a sucker for novels about writers, because they always get me off my butt and working on my own stuff. And of course I like good chick lit, so I was primed to enjoy The Accidental Bestseller.

The plot was a strange one. Basically, Kendall fails as a novelist so her friends help her write a book about a failed novelist whose friends help her write a book. The plot of the book within the book was never specified, thankfully sparing me from too much of a hall of mirrors effect. I wasn’t sure it would work as well as it did, but Wendy Wax pulled it off.

The Accidental Bestseller wears its influences well, from The Devil Wears Prada to Olivia Goldsmith, while retaining a charm uniquely its own. Wax packed a lot of enjoyable drama into her characters but avoided seeming too soap opera-ish. At times I wished it had pushed things a bit farther (a la Goldsmith), but by the time the ending rolled around I was more than satisfied. I hope that Wax is planning more stories with these characters, because I definitely would spend more time with them.

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