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In the Series vs. Recurring Characters post, a comment from Imani yielded this tantalizing fragment:

Maybe that’s why I disagree

Thank you! I feel like this is a sign that I’m doing something right over here at Reading is my Superpower. I might blog like I’m right about everything, but I know I’m not. (Just don’t tell my husband.)

Generally speaking, the discussions in the comments threads have been marvelous. There’s nothing quite like discussing books and reading with kindred spirits. I’ve gotten book recommendations, learned new things, and had my assertions challenged, but, until today, nobody’s actually come right out and disagreed with me.

So thanks to all my stellar commenters and readers for making Reading is my Superpower a very bright spot in my life.

Superfast Reader

4 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. I have got some book suggestions etc. through my blog, but for most part, I don’t get as good a discussion as I see here, or as I get on a group blog I am part of.

    So let me say it out loud, Lucky you!!!

    And do keep telling us about new books 😀

  2. I would like to have more discussion in my comments. I don’t know if I have an off-putting attitude in my posts like I know it all or if it’s just that I’m new around here and people are wanting to get to know me before they disagree with me, but it seems like if I post something controversial, there’s dead silence (no comments) or a few people saying they agree. Only once has a really lively discussion started, and the main person participating disappeared in the middle of it. Maybe I need some pointers!

  3. I don’t get comments on all my posts, but I always feel like the comments I do receive are of a wonderfully high caliber. I think it’s because book lovers are smart 🙂

    I’m a fan of both of your blogs & will make an effort to comment more…

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