Tell Me That the Reading Won’t Stop

Well, I’m in my third trimester. Not long to go, really, even though it’s hard to conjure “November” in steamy August. And I feel like I need to read everything I’ve ever wanted to read, right now, just in case I never get to read again, or at least until Superfast Baby goes off to school.

So, reader parents (particularly moms)–
Please tell me that I’ll read.
Please tell me that if I go into labor and I’m halfway through a book I will get around to finishing it.

I mean, I guess I’ll be so dazzled by my love for the baby and addled by the post partum hormones that maybe I won’t want to read. But after the initial rush wears off, newborns are pretty boring. Is it physically possible to read while breastfeeding?

This post is in honor of the book I read for work last night. Every character, even the minor ones, got a chance to tell his or her life story to the protagonist. I managed to boil a 350 page book down into a 2 1/4 page synopsis because there was no plot (generally speaking it’s at least 1 page of synopsis/100 pages of mss or book).

I’m in denial about having to give up my reading job. Absolute denial. The deadlines are way too crazy to be compatible with childrearing. I’ll save my babysitting budget for writing and marathon training…

14 thoughts on “Tell Me That the Reading Won’t Stop”

  1. Never fear – plenty of mom reading time!! I have four – soon to be five – and I have time to read – not as much some days as I’d like, but hey, there’s always before bed!!! SO, yes, after a few weeks – you’ll be right back at it!!

  2. Ohhh… not only is it physically possible to read a book while breastfeeding, it’s ideal! Some people will tell you you mustn’t do it. They’ll say you must give the baby eye contact, that that’s part of what breastfeeding is for, and that if you read you might stunt the baby’s development or something. I say it’s a baby, not a hothouse orchid – you can do both. You can even read to the baby sometimes, if you’re feeling guilty for any reason (like, they got to you).

    And by the way, if you have a second one, you can read to the first while the new baby breastfeeds. The whole thing is designed to fit together, see?

  3. I read while pumping or nursing. Also everyone says to sleep while the baby does which was hard for me (too much to do and mind going too fast) so I’d catch up a bit then too. Plus they do get older, and their naps are my reading heaven!

  4. There’s plenty of reading time for moms!

    First, just as someone else said, you can read while nursing.

    You can read while the baby naps. At the very beginning, the baby will sleep more hours than she’s awake.

    You can read aloud to the baby — it’s fun to read illustrated children’s books even to an infant (they like the pictures) but you can even read your own book out loud to babies young enough not to be confused by the adult events in the book.

    One of my friends just had a baby this week, and she brought her book to the hospital and read after the baby was born, when the baby was asleep and she had no visitors. So you’ll even get to finish the book you’re reading when you go into labor.

    Also! If your reading job becomes too overwhelming and it’s possible to do so, I would be happy to have some of the books passed on to me. Email me if you want to talk about this, ok?

  5. I have 4 children ages 5 days to 11 years – PLUS I work fulltime (from home) and I’m always reading something. I’m a fast reader, too – so I usually manage at least 4-5 books per month.

  6. I have three kids and I read and breastfed at the same time all three times! One of the best things about breastfeeding was it was a great time to catch up on the reading I wasn’t doing other times. You’ll be able to make time for reading, I promise!

    Congratulations, by the way, and love your blog 🙂

  7. 5 days postpartum–and you are reading my blog!!! I am honored…

    So now I feel like I should slow down my reading so I don’t run out of books before all that blissful breastfeeding reading I’ll be doing 🙂

  8. You will be able to read again — and probably soon. I read after my kids were born. I’m sure it’s possible to read and breastfeed at the same time — I managed to sleep and breastfeed at the same time.

  9. Wish I could reassure you, but as I have no children myself (unless you count the two of the fuzzy variety), I have no experience in that realm. Still, I know many parents who still seem to read, so I imagine you’ll find a way!

  10. I’m so firmly with Dew that she might have taken the thoughts out of my head.

    I read in the hospital; I found it a not very good place to sleep and frankly, I missed the Tour Manager!!

    Yes, you should sleep when the baby does. At least try to. Let the housework go; you’ve got kids now! The house is SUPPOSED to be a train wreck!

    There’s also nothing wrong with letting the baby play with his/her toys on a playmat on the floor and you catching up on a chapter or two, you know…

  11. I have twins and I have to admit that they have put a dent in my reading time. That said, if something is important enough to you, you’ll find time to do it, no matter what. I have an almost-FT job and I write 2 blogs and I keep up with TV and I still manage to read some (but not nearly as much as I would like). Don’t worry – you will find the time.

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