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Win a Special Edition of Revolutionary Road!

The good folks at Paramount Vantage will send one of my lucky readers a copy of Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road and all you have to do is leave a comment on this post!! One lucky winner will be chosen at random. You have until 11:59 EST on January 31st to win. The movie opens wide this weekend. Here’s a clip from the film: Open to the US only, sorry my international friends! Share on Facebook

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Books Make the BEST Gifts–Video!

Check out this awesome video featuring authors talking up the reasons to give books to all those on your gift list: My wish list is here–I always want books! Reading a YA book for work right now–things have sadly slowed down and this is the first book I’ve been assigned to read in months. I’m mildly amused because the author gave one character the name of a state and another character the name of a prominent city in that state. It’s obviously an accident, and…

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My Greatest Fear

I have horrible, horrible vision. Like, it gets blurry two inches in front of my face, and I’ve worn contact lenses since I was 10. When I have my glasses on my husband likes to say that he can see the back of my head. It’s kind of true. I’m scared to death of LASIK because of the chance, however infinitesimal, that I could go blind. If I went blind, I would not be able to read, and my life would be like this (re-edited)…

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