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The Circle by Dave Eggers

Synopsis: When Mae gets a job at The Circle, the greatest tech company in the history of the world, she tries to reserve a little bit of privacy for herself, but The Circle is an all-consuming fire of connectivity and transparency. Review: I’ll blog about The Circle, but please do not like, share, or tweet this post. I certainly do not want you taking a selfie with this blog post, applying a sepia filter, and posting it to your stream. Please just read this book…

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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Synopsis: When the eccentric creator of the virtual reality world that has become more real than the real world dies without an heir, the nerds of the world race to discover a hidden easter egg that will unlock his fortune. Review: So. Fun. Ready Player One was an absolute treat of a book–compulsively readable and fabulously geeky. The hero is Wade, known in the virtual world called OASIS as “Parzival,” a high school student who has dedicated his whole life to hunting for the hidden…

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