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Judy Blume! Kondo, Primates of Park Ave, Missoula, More True Crime and a Dumb Thriller I Read Anyway

I’ve been swimming in the cultural zeitgeist lately, thanks to my wonderful local library which just received much-needed funding to reopen on Saturdays. I was crazy excited to get my hands on Judy Blume’s newest book for adults, In the Unlikely Event, which is set in Elizabeth, NJ in the 1950s, against the backdrop of the actual triad of plane crashes that traumatized the community. Elizabeth is Blume’s hometown, and the book is based on her own emotional memories of living in the shadow of…

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How to Raise Your Parents by Sarah O’Leary Burningham

Synopsis: A cute, sassy “manual” for teen girls on how to make the most of their teen years without making Mom and Dad crazy. Review: How to Raise Your Parents definitely has the big sister tone down pat, and, for the most part, it doesn’t court too much controvery. I can see parents buying this book for their daughters, but I’m not sure I can see girls buying it for themselves, not because the advice isn’t good but because it’s a little preachy at times.…

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