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The Twelve Days to Christmas by Michele Gorman

Synopsis: Hannah thinks her boyfriend is about to pop the question at Christmas–but she doesn’t know what her answer will be, and she only has twelve days to figure it out. Review: Hannah, the protagonist of Michele Gorman’s Misfortune Cookie, is back and just as adorably befuddled as ever. Back together with Sam, who is finally residing in Hong Kong, she has a feeling he’s getting ready to propose, which brings up all of the fears and anxieties she never quite dealt with during their…

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Misfortune Cookie by Michele Gorman

Synopsis: When Hannah moves to Hong Kong to be with her boyfriend, she’s frustrated, disappointed, and paranoid to find out that he’s spending more time with his hot boss in Ho Chi Minh City than with her–and she’s desperate to make sure she hasn’t made a mistake. Review: Misfortune Cookie is a sweet chick lit romance that kept my interest. I actually really felt for Hannah’s situation, even though I occasionally got frustrated with her for vocalizing her paranoia in such an obvious way. I…

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