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The Pretty One by Lucinda Rosenfeld

Synopsis: Three sisters approaching middle age find themselves caught in the roles they were assigned as children, and now the family tension is threatening to explode. Review: I loved the caustic, witty tone of Lucinda Rosenfeld’s I’m So Happy For You, and The Pretty One didn’t disappoint. Olympia is the titular pretty one, but she won’t tell anyone in her family that she used a sperm donor to conceive her 3 year old daughter Lola. Imperia (Perri) seemingly has the perfect life, but her obsession…

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I’m So Happy For You by Lucinda Rosenfeld

Synopsis: When her flighty best friend all of a sudden lands her Prince Charming, bitter Wendy tries to be happy–she really, really tries. Really. Review: Frenemies + schadenfreude = a book I very much enjoyed reading. I’m So Happy For You takes a very funny and insightful look at best friends who’ve long since forgotten what drew them together in the first place. Lucinda Rosenfeld’s acutely honest depiction of the ways that women hurt each other with a smile kept me absolutely riveted. This is…

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